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Bred for one single purpose:
to be exploited for human needs.
Taken away from the mother.
Behold the kidnapped child.
Isolated, caged, fed with the pulverized bones
of its brothers and sisters.

A life of pain and suffering.
Nothing but torture. No freedom.
Only imprisonment and death.
No self-determination.

After some shitty months, it all ends
behind the fetid walls of the slaughterhouse.
One last attempt to flee. A final desperate scream.
A bolt between the eyes. Blood blinding the sight.

Jagged knives cut through flesh, blunt saws splinter bones.
A sentient beeing is turned into a carcass.
The meal is served. A corpse provoking
the appetite of the "pride of creation".
Go ahead and "enjoy" your meal!
Taste the blood on your hands.

There is absolutely no excuse
for the exploitation, the abuse,
The mindless subjugation, the killing, the hate,
The ongoing war against the animals.

You're just a heartless murderer, A king upon a throne
made from the skulls of the innocent,
A liar to yourself, A hypocrite.
Your crimes against the living can never be undone.

we wont change this world of exploitation by refusing to buy meat products, by not wearing the skin of dead animals.
What we need to do is to change the way we think. We need to question our relationship to Nature.
We need a social revolution to bring capitalism to its knees, to become a part of the natural world once again.
We need to start the war against civilization, to stop the downfall of Gaia. NOW!


from For The Wild At Heart Kept In Cages, released April 12, 2019


all rights reserved




Vegan Straight Edge

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