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We are encircled by skyscraping headstones
in the graveyard of modern urbanity:
A mass grave crowded with grey concrete caskets
we like to call our society.

We can never see the sun, because a skyline of grey twisting towers
swallows all light; colors everything black.
We grew accustomed to live in cities – hostile to life.
Like a morbid kraken they corrupt the surrounding land.

Fields displace forests. Untamed rivers become waterways.
Wilderness vanishes. Agriculture dominates.

Animals are degraded to beasts of burden.
Native communities are wiped out.

We've become thralls of religions and drugs, slaves to the supermarket,
Servants of authorities, always kept on a short leash,
The neverending stream of ragged figures that marches into factories
With minds altered by the numbing routine of the 9-5.
We will work until we die from cancer or loneliness.
Alienation devoures fulfillment. Isolation redefined.

“Every civilization is defined by hubris. It is defined by its denial that it lives in a natural world.
As a matter of fact every civilization in its founding lies:
Elevates itself above nature and claims that it is the controller of the whole world.“ - Aric McBay

The wires clutching Gaia‘s neck.
The chains holding emancipation back.
The spear in the heart of a free humanity.
The prison of hope. Our great misery.
Behold the curse of industrial society.
Civilization. Our great misery.


from For The Wild At Heart Kept In Cages, released April 12, 2019


all rights reserved




Vegan Straight Edge

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