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Debut EP released on July 27th, 2018.


released July 27, 2018


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Vegan Straight Edge

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Track Name: In this age of darkness
Kneedeep I am walking through the putrid waste of modern humanity's industrial culture.
The corpses of decaying dogs rot on the sidewalk.
The rats feed on their worm-infested flesh.

Sick people swallow the cadavers of tortured cattle,
their children gnaw at the splintered bones of crippled fowl.

Each meal comes at a price.
Each bite a mockery of life.
Each day continuing the Earth's demise.

I wade through a bog of hate, where those who fight against the grain are being clubbed into dank submission.
I see enslavement, fear and mind-crushing prisons.
I see apathy, ignorance and your callous egoism.
Track Name: I see a light
This life has more to offer than a numbing 9-5,
shallow TV shows and daily loss of control.
We have the strength and the will to resist
this culture where no compassion exists.

We see through all the lies. We fight to free our minds
To end all addictions. No disguise. No restriction.

Sober we walk among the addicted.
A drugfree mind is our lifetime commitment.

We'll stay true until we die.
No matter what
We'll be free and wild .
If you want to change the world
you'll need a sober mind.
Take a stand against apathy.
Stop being blind.

No drugs. No masters.
No weak-willed disasters.
For respect and truth.
Forever drug free youth.

Straight Edge resolution. Sober living for the revolution.
Straight Edge retribution. Sober living for the revolution.

For respect and truth. Forever drug free youth.
For respect and truth. Forever drug free youth.
Track Name: The Vegan Straight Edge
We oppose this system. We'll cut through the crap.
Telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

This world is dying, there is no light
with the needed resistance nowhere in sight.

Through our fingers trickles sand, the time has come to take a stand.
We will build the resistance from whatever comes to our hands:
Whispers and tears, history and dreams,
from our bravest words to our loudest screams.
From protest to resistance by all means.
We are living beings not dead machines.

The revolution lives, sure enough.
Even a broken heart is made of love.

While this is a song about fighting back,
We are silent vanguards - ready to attack,
this is about compassion,
We won't ever see our world crashing.

In too many dawns we will feel lost.
We'll have to go on anyway and at all costs.
So gather your heart and fight with every living being
For a poisonfree world, eternal justice and freedom.

“Anarchism is the attempt to eradicate domination. This includes not only such obvious forms as the nation-state, with its routine use of violence and the corporation, with its institutionalized irresponsibility, but also such internalized forms as patriarchy, racism and homophobia.“ - John Zerzan

In this age of darkness, I see a light.
We wont back down we'll continue to fight.
Strength arising from despair will strike the match.
For empathy and love: The Vegan Straight Edge

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