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Songs of Desire Armed


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Duxtin P.
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Duxtin P. After all these years a record like this reminds me why we fight. We’ll continue with the struggle to teach a blind world there is a better way. We can all do so much better. This is a great record, full of passion, anger, and hope. I wish these guys nothing but the best. Fight on!
X Wild Alaskan Salmonella X
X Wild Alaskan Salmonella X thumbnail
X Wild Alaskan Salmonella X Something about this is very nostalgic. Must be that it sounds like the passion of Earth Crisis mixed with the mid-2000s Equal Vision/Trustkill/Century Media melodic metalcore bands. Songs of Desire Armed as a whole is noticeably more sombre than previous outings, sounding less like pit fuel and more like angry pleading to the world.
speakforthevoiceless thumbnail
speakforthevoiceless cant wait till the vinyl gets here and also the download! for the wild at heart is amazing i know this will be too!
Cyril GPMCS Besson
Cyril GPMCS Besson thumbnail
Cyril GPMCS Besson Clearxcut a été une des belles découvertes il y'a quelques années, depuis j'en diffuse régulièrement dans mon émission.
j'ai suivi leurs différents releases, Interview etc.
j'attends leur prochain LP avec impatience, ce tout nouveau morceau annonce du très bon et toujours aussi engagé.
Parfait pour les fans de Sect, Earth Crisis etc ... xxx
xantagonistx thumbnail
xantagonistx one of my favorite XVX bands for sure. lyrics always on top...

shoutout an XmatzeX and the old Soulseek days ;-)
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No more mercy shall be given to those who turn this planet into hell. No more tolerance for grim tyrants, who choose profits over lives! We will arise eternal justice on our minds. We will arise anarchist struggle redefined. The battles rage! The eco wars are a just cause worth dying for. I wont stay quiet while this world falls apart! I won't back down I'm here to stay. Where there is a will there's a way. We shall beat the drum, while breathing strife. We shall overcome this hell called civilized life. I wont commit to a mindset of hubris! I won't back down I'm here to stay. Where there is a will there's a way. Let's end 10.000 years of confinement. Let's defend Mother Earth until the bitter end. Until the bitter end! We live in a society, that runs on emptiness. 'Business as usual' means: the exploitation of the weak. Let us free ourselves and all of humanity, the land and the beasts from this insanity. Civilization kills! Forests in flames! Oceans poisoned! Mountaintops removed! The sky ablaze! No more idleness while death reigns! No more compromise in defense of all innocent life!
Pariah 04:51
Before my armoured body I throw my warlike shield. To their blatant arrogance I will never yield. Aimed at their greedy hearts my arrows I will send, For the exploitation of the earth once and for all must end. I feel the urge to end the feast of monsters, To strike them down, all the hypocrits and imposters. I swore the oath to bring injustice to an end. Against the grain I'll fight for the innocent. We are the cult of the outcasts. Within the ruins we will outlast. We still have convictions, a mindset of compassion. We'll strike the match, rekindling flames in the ashes. On the back of our hands we wear the mark. The X is our sign, the chosen path we walk. We are not part of their suicide society. We abhor all systems built on death and cruelty. We are the pariah cutting down the head of Goliath! We are the pariah drying the tears of Gaia! The sober minded planning our revolution. The pure in heart longing for retribution. The sober minded contemplating a new dawn. The pure in heart laying siege to Babylon. Before my ravaged body I throw my warlike shield. To their reign of greed I will never yield. Aimed at their hollow hearts my flaming sword I'll strike against the grain. I swear I wont give up the fight. I wont give up the fight!
You feel the lies submerging the truth, the emptiness inside, not knowing what to do. You are lost in the kingdom of disbelief No way out, no place to hide among pain and grief. There's just death, despair and apathy, no love, no home, no hope, only futility. Your world is one of blackened dreams. Chaos reigns, nothing is what it seems. Your world is one of darkened nights, but still your lonesome heart keeps burning bright. So what the hell will you do? Which path are you gonna chose? Waste your life in mass mediocracy? Walking down the straight trail of greed? Running from the ghosts of the past towards an all too deceiving sun, which proves to be just another billboard, selling all your dreams one by one? One by one. What the fuck will you do with the time given to you? Do you wanna spend your hours waiting for the praised life less frustrating? Will you be crawling through the desert, on all fours? Silently awaiting your run-down doom, while praying for heavy rain to make your dreams sprout and bloom? Don't drown, start to swim! Wake up and you will start to win Freedom, strength, a life of your own! Always remember: You wont have to do this all alone!
As the final street fights rage and the last police car crashes masked in black we will arise like phoenix from the ashes. All hierarchies fall as we break down the walls. Anarchism is on the rise as all oppression dies. Rest asure, this time we wont back down. We'll end King Profits reign and melt his crown. For too long ignorance was bliss, but nothing has to stay as it is. No more borders! No more nations! No more deportations! No nation! No border! We'll fight law and order! Amidst the burnt out ruins of a society so hollow and blind we will grow a new world from the seeds of hope we find. '‘This is a prayer for the children of the next Neolithic, That you may lay entwined in fields of lillies, where Walmart once stood. Sustain yourselves and sister salmon by the ruins of a dam and chant these words on top of an overgrown factory.‘‘* Unforgotten are the fallen and the battles as the dust from crumbling towers settles. Finally! As an old world ends equal people can meet as friends. As we beheld the stars again, that have been hidden for so long a thousand burning rebel hearts began in unity to beat as one. * Inspired by a poem named ‘‘A handful of leaves“ written by Sean Swain
Fortress 02:49
I've been idle far too long. It is time to get back on my feet. Dark days clouded my mind. I lost my way. Hope, I couldn't find. I fought against myself, I've been my own worst enemy. This world wants to see you on your knees, it keeps telling you who you have to be. The hardest battle is to find your way and to become who you really wanna be. I fell a thousand times, now watch me climb the mightiest mountains I can find! No more feeling sorry for myself. I wont miss another chance. I'll start again, keep pushing forward to show the world who I really am. What makes a torn man see who is blinded by agony? I guess it is compassion an open mind and some empathy. Now I know what my mistakes have been: I failed to trust myself and the strength within. Break down the walls within. Open your heart to regain control. Break free from the chains within. Lay siege to the fortress confining your soul.
My Anchor 04:15
For so long he struggled, he could not break the chains. This society made him press the needle into his veins. This is a story of a man of defeat; the vagabond, not able to stay on his feet. I am pretty sure you know someone like him: a free man once, now a fallen one, living in sin. A person who keeps using, not able to cast off the yoke, while the addiction slowly turns his life into a fucking joke. Let me tell you one thing: those people of whom I choose to sing did not choose to trade the heavens for the abyss. It was not their life long dream to end like this! You don't poison yourself, neither do I. we are not enslaved by drugs, we will be fine. we neither support corporations selling demise and death, nor cartels that steal our last dollars, while they take our last breaths. So let compassion guide our hearts! our lives are not so far apart From those of the addicted. let's think of them as friends in need, as next of kin. We are the sober minded, the drugfree youth! Let's use our privileged point of view! We can be a force of solidarity and help those struggling with addiction to find some clarity. You're my anchor! You saved me from death. I will be with you until my last breath. You're my anchor! You saved me from myself. Together we will prevail until our last breaths. You tought me to believe in myself. You made me find the strength, the trust, the will to fight. I'm my anchor, an iron mind to battle death. I have to thank you for saving me from myself. Always believe in yourself! All I ever need is in myself!
The time has come to rise up and run. Don't look back, have no remorse and no regrets. Dont play their games. Be aware and stay awake. The rules are made up, they are yours to break. This world wont give you anything. It will fool you - again and again. It takes and takes, destroys your soul, until the day it will swallow you whole. Believe in yourself! Be idle no more! Catch all your dreams! Dont let them slip, dont give up on them! Take what is yours! Combat all anxiety! Become one of us, refusing this society! Refuse this society! I know that you believe another world is possible. Protect your visions, whatever it may take. Don't stray from your path! You need to pull through! Break the chains that hold you back and rebuild your world anew! Leave the lies they told you far behind! Be brave, have heart and you will find something more real than the illusions in your dreams. You will find a home and discover what it means to be a human being, self determined, unbroken, proud and full of yearning. Rekindle the flames, that you put out! Remember the things, that really count! The things that really count: A moment of love, a friend, solidarity, compassion, a spark of hope, some clarity, something real, truth unharmed. Lets sing together these songs of desire armed. Songs of desire armed.


released April 20, 2022

A heartfelt thank you goes out to Muzi, Sarah, Matthias, Florian, Evey, Nils, Markus, Max, Kurt 'Catalyst', Sal and all the lovely human beings who walked parts of our path together with us, shared the stage, the tourbus or the rehearsal room with us and poured love, time and energy into this band during the last years.

These songs are dedicated to the vegan straight edge, the anarchists, the anti-fascists, the feminists, the primitivists and the indigenous peoples of the world and the defenders of the earth.

Education is key if we want to build a better world. Here are some reading recommendations we find very inspiring:
H.D. Thoreau - Walden
Daniel Quinn - Ishmael
John Zerzan - Against Civilization
Crimethinc - Days of war, nights of love
Emma Goldman - Anarchism and other Essays
Edward Abbey - The Monkeywrench Gang
Mikhail Bakunin - God and the State
Pyotr Kropotkin - Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution
Lewis Mumford - The myth of the machine
Voltairine de Cleyre - Everything!


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